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Transition to school

Starting school is an exciting transition for children and parents.

At Pitt Town Public School we aim to make this transition as smooth as possible for all involved. This section will provide you with information on our 'transition to school' program, links to websites and also some tips from our community who have been through the transition to school with their own children.

Tips from parents

  • Don't forget to pack some spare clothes.
  • Don't worry, your child will be loved, supported and encouraged.
  • Don't get worked up, children are very adaptable. If they come to school with their pre-school friends, they understand this is the next step. They just do it.
  • Take as much stress out of starting school as you can. Prepare your child early during the previous year and reinforce how exciting starting school will be.
  • Say goodbye at the classroom door. 
  • Organise to meet someone to have a coffee and chat with once you drop them off on the first day.
  • Always say goodbye to your child and tell them you will be back, even if this means tears. Knowing you won't just disappear gives a child a sense of security.
  • Become a parent helper. Not only does your child get excited to see you at school, but you get to meet other parents and children within the school. You also get to find out about the day to day 'life' of the school.
  • Teach your child how to close, lock and unlock a bathroom door. 
  • Be involved. Make sure your child goes to the orientation days and sports days. Familiarise your child with the school and the grounds before the school year starts. It takes away that fear of the unknown. 
  • Once your child has been to Pitt Town Public School, they won't be able to wait until the next day.


There are a variety of information and resources to help you and your child with the transition to school. Visit the below websites for more details.