Pitt Town Public School

Quality education in a caring environment.

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About our school

Pitt Town Public School is situated in a semi-rural environment and is committed to:

  • providing quality education in a caring environment
  • supporting students to achieve to their full potential
  • implementation of all syllabuses in all the key learning areas
  • expanding the use of technology in teaching and learning
  • creating a cooperative, caring climate that permeates all facets of school life
  • actively encouraging participation in cultural and sporting pursuits
  • strengthening community support and participation
  • catering effectively for the gifted and talented students and the students with learning difficulties.

School history

Pitt Town Public School opened in 1876. It was converted from the local Anglican School and also replaced Grono Park Public School on 11 January 1876.

When first opened the school held classes in the Anglican school room. The school buildings were completed in 1878 at a cost of £1,419. These consisted of school rooms, a residence and an underground tank. During the inspection of Pitt Town School on 22-3 June 1876 it was noted that:

'The school is conducted temporarily in the Church of England premises, leased to the council. It is properly supplied with furniture and necessary materials. The teacher's residence is an uncomfortable one. The records are  correctly and neatly kept. The pupils are clean, orderly, and attentive. The government is firm and watchful, and the prevailing tone is healthy. The instruction is well regulated; the teaching is earnest and careful; and the average proficiency exceeds fair. Considering its previous state, this school must be looked upon as in a thriving and promising condition'.

The brick buildings that currently house 4 of the school's classes, storage space and student toilet facilities began construction in November 1970 and were completed in August 1971. These buildings were officially opened on August 12 1972. The construction of these buildings cost approximately $74,000. At this time the buildings also provided accommodation for the school administration office.

Principals of Pitt Town Public School

The following are the principals of Pitt Town Public School from 1876 to now.

  • 1876: Mr John Saulter
  • 1877: Mr Amos Lane
  • 1880: Mr Thos Alcock
  • 1884: Mr Robert Anderson
  • 1888: Mr John Creigan
  • 1888: Mr David Lewis
  • 1895: Mr Joseph Murphy
  • 1925: Mr Henry Dale
  • 1927: Mr Harry Walpole
  • 1928: Mr Samuel Young
  • 1928: Mr John Thompson
  • 1946: Mr Thomas Alder
  • 1948: Mr Leslie Snape
  • 1952: Mr Kenneth McKinnon
  • 1954: Mr Henry George
  • 1961: Mr James Murphy
  • 1964: Mr Noel Craddock
  • 1967: Mr James Miller
  • 1970: Mr Thomas Connell
  • 1972: Mr Cecil Gammon
  • 1982: Mr Robert Manwaring
  • 1984: Mr Bruce Morton
  • 1987: Mr Peter Mason
  • 1989: Mr Vin Cosgrove
  • 1990: Mr Ken Davies
  • 1991: Mr Robert Burns
  • 2002: Mr David Deal
  • 2006: Mr Phil Harris
  • 2008: Mr Michael Miller
  • 2016: Mr Anthony Moran.